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Software Development

We provide tailored solution that match the demand of various customers from enterprises to SME and start-ups. The purpose of the business innovation process is to create value for the organization.
Node.js has gained widespread acceptance in both businesses & software communities. Take advantage of Node.js to build fast and scalable solutions
Connect with mysql and Sqlserver to store your data reliably
We can help you with Innovation into your Business.

Web scraping - Create your own Datasets

-Automated jobs make your work easier.
-The whole internet is based on scraping.
-Monitor competitor prices and their marketing activity.
-Increased efficiency and lower IT costs.
-Scraping of personal data for marketing purposes.
-Price comparison, lead generation, etc.

IOT Projects Tech everywhere

Developing software for interaction between people, machines, and processes increasing quality of life.
Internet of Things (IoT) is a new predominant technology for this advanced world.
Deploy and integrate with Azure o AWS infrastructure.
Sectors: Manufacturing, Energy, Agriculture, Logistics, Gambling
We can help you with a iot projects.

AI applied to agriculture

Deep Learning Techniques for In-Crop Weed Identification. \n State-of-the-art visual object detection system allows for the classification of weeds and crops from images of plantations

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